You don't know what you are capable of

You could get the job of your dreams or a promotion. You could start your own business or non-profit.

You could start a family. You could be famous. You could revive your marriage. You could get your sexy body back. You could travel. You could relax.

You could love your life. You could make a difference.

But instead you are paralyzed

You are full of doubt and reasons why its too late and your too old. You are carrying around all you past failures like bag lady and you don't know how to move forward.

There are emotional obstacles to change like fear and motivation and there are practical problems like money and time. Neither has to keep you from making changes. Neither has to keep you from achieving your potential.

You can change your life at any age but you have to address both the emotional and practical obstacles. In this program we will investigate exactly what is standing in your way and develop clear strategies for moving past these road block.

Did you settle for your back up plan?

Maybe you had a big dream when you were young but you gave up or were told it wasn't practical. You went with the safe route. Or maybe it seems like while you weren't looking fell into a meaningless career and got old working there. Now you know you want a change but you have all of these responsibilities and obligations. Can you just start over?

I believe that you not only have a right to a fulfilling career and family and anything else that is important to you, I believe its your responsibility. You have a responsibility to give yourself a meaningful and fulfilling life. When you have this you improve the life's of everyone around you, your family, your community, the economy and the world.

Your happiness and fulfillment is imperative if you are going to do good in the world.

Introducing Change Your life at 40

I am offering a brand new program specifically for people who think they missed their chance. We will cover what practical changes you have to make in your finances and family commitments so that you have the freedom to change careers, location and life style without everything falling apart.

We will also resolve the emotional obstacles like self doubt and lack of motivation that keep you from making the changes that you already know to make

Most importantly we will uncover your true values and create a new life plan that is a perfect reflection of what is most important to you. If that means a new career, a different location, changes in your love life, or starting a spiritual practice, at the end of this program you will begin this new life.

What does Change your life at 40 include?

Week 1

Self Realization Workbook

This workbook will guide you through every area of your life to see where you are, where you want to be and what is standing in the way. The workbook will give you deep insight into what success means to you and give me all the information I need to put you on your path.

Dealing with Responsibilities 1 Hour Live Training (value $99)

This training will cover the practicalities involved with changing your life at 50. We will cover how to put your money where your values are, how to navigate family obligations and how to deal with it when you really can't "get out of it". This will be an opportunity to ask questions and to hear from the other participants.

Dealing with Responsibilities Live Training takes place March 29th at 9CST. If you can't make it, we'll email you the recording.

Week 2:

New Life Action Plan (value $39)

This is a road map that we design together that outlines specific actions you will take to get the career, marriage, spiritual connection, fulfillment that you want.

Emotional and psychological toolbox (value $39)

I will give you techniques and practices that you can use any time you are stopped by self doubt or fear. These techniques will be resources for you for the rest of your life.

Week 3:

Simple Life Purpose (value $19)

Simple life purpose is a course that gives you tools and teaches you actions to take that can be done when you have no money, no time, only the knowledge and skills you already have. It shows a way of changing your life that is so natural and simple that it will seem like it is happening without you doing it.

Confidence Webinar (value $29)

These are some incredibly simple techniques I can teach you to free yourself from your insecurity. You can finally move on from being unsure of yourself, insecure and afraid and start living with joy, confidence and peace. And best of all when you are free of those those feelings your natural gifts and potential will shine forth.


Continuous support (value $69)

You will have continuous email support before and after the training and your 1 on 1 session. Any questions you have and any additional support that you need will be available to you.

Exclusive Access to my 3 month coaching program (priceless)

I have designed a 3 month program of weekly sessions, workbooks, and trainings that will completely free you from your old life. This is the ultimate "Start Over" program.

You will have email support at any time throughout these 4 weeks for any questions or feedback you might have.

Total value: $348

Price: $89

You want success AND you know you need help, but.....

You are full of doubt and reasons why you aren't successful. You are carrying around all you past failures like bag lady and you don't know how to move forward.

I can't afford it - You can always find a way to pay for things that are truly important to you.

I don't want to waste my money - Its 100% risk free, if you don't get exceptional value from the session you get your money back.

I don't think its going to help me- I have helped hundreds of people here are just a couple of testimonials.

"My work with Lillian was nothing short of incredible. I was amazed by the changes I felt after just one session. After experiencing a great deal of trauma in a short period of time, Lillian helped me to release a great deal of the anger and fear that was holding me back. The coaching sessions have helped relieve the emotional and physical symptoms of anxiety and anger and helped me to embrace my potential with more courage."
Carey, NYC

Still have some questions? Send me an email to [email protected] and ask - but hurry, very limited amount of spots available.

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