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Life Purpose Questionnaire

Find out what your purpose of life is by taking this insightful life purpose questionnaire.

Every one of us has a purpose in life, and it's your job to find it out. Once you do, your world will be changed forever. Every day you will wake up energized, and your life will be filled with enthusiasm. Finding your one true passion in life is your best guarantee for success: the most successful people are those that truly love what they do. Find what you love, and the world is yours.

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Take this test if you want to
  • realize what you value in life
  • figure out what is your passion
  • get an idea what your purpose in life could be
Expectation setting: No test can give you all the answers: the answers are only in your head and heart. This test helps you to look deep inside you and get the answers out in the open. It is about self-reflection. The test won't tell you your life purpose in a sentence or two, you have to do the final analysis.

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