The One Question


How Happy Are Your Customers & Employees?

By Answering The One Question:

You will immediately see opportunities to continuously improve products and services, build stronger relationships with your customers & employees and unleash a powerhouse of proven marketing ideas to grow your business.

Why is The One Question so powerful?

Because LOTS of questions are annoying and most people don't fill them in - so you learn absolutely nothing from MOST people you serve - it's like running your business blindfolded!

So, ditch the long surveys and stop annoying your customers and employees, and start learning from the usually silent majority with The One Question that really matters

Understanding how your people feel and why they feel that way is the easiest and most powerful way for you and your teams to improve and grow your business. 

​Feelings drive behaviours in life, and in business!

OK I get it, but how will it help my marketing?

Most businesses are missing the key secret to modern marketing, they may have a great customer database full of demographic data and purchasing history, but devoid of how customers really feel about their experience of doing business with them.

The One Question fixes this for you and gives your business the power of emotional intelligence by adding feelings to your database. That’s a game-changer for sending the right messages to the right people with the right tone - no more spray and pray marketing!

Create E-Mail journeys based on emotion, confidently ask for testimonials, improve your online reputation, build stronger loyalty and referral programmes and grow a social media following of avid fans.

You will see your marketing results go through the roof, and we don’t just give you the tools, we also train and certify you and your team in exactly how to do it.

That’s great, how can it help me improve my products & services?

The simplicity of The One Question results in the highest response rates with lots of genuine comments telling you and your teams exactly where you can focus to improve.

Acting on them creates a continuous loop of improvement and a self-correcting business.

Bringing it together to give meaning and targets for the whole team is the revolutionary Customer Happiness Score ®. An easy to understand real-time number between 0-100 to give your business a culture aligned around what really matters - customer & employee happiness.

​“What Gets Measured - Gets Managed”

Peter Drucker

Sounds like a plan, how does it help with with my employees?

Now you know how your Employees feel you can turn little issues around before they become significant problems.

Allowing employees to have direct contact with Human Resources will allow for more transparency in your business and empower staff to voice ideas and opinions that are normally never heard until it’s too late.

As well as improving staff retention and lowering recruitment costs, you are giving your employees the voice they deserve.

Measuring the overall happiness of your workforce and departments within it is key and that’s where the revolutionary Employee Happiness Score® comes in.

Exciting for my company, how’s it going to help me personally?

Do you ever wish you could have eyes everywhere at once? Well now you can as it will feel like you have an army of secret shoppers!

You can see at a glance what’s happening on the front line from anywhere in the world and know exactly where your attention is most needed, finally freed from feeling like you have to be everywhere at once.

Instead of the boss always having to tell everyone what’s wrong, your customers now do much of that for you and your role is truly a supporting one, setting goals around the customer & employee happiness scores and spotting feedback to celebrate successes of teams and employees the moment it happens.

You’re now always continuously improving and your well-oiled machine ticks over even when you can’t be there, or when you need to spend more time working ON your business rather than IN it, and always informed with the insights you need to make those big business decisions.

I totally get it but how would I actually do all of this?

As fellow business owners we know how busy life can get, therefore we’ve come up with a unique offering to help you to quickly and easily implement and realise the benefits of ‘The One Question.’

You and your team will not only get access to our feedback and communications platform but also to our exclusive Growth Hub. This key resource includes execution plans, webinars, and regular training and development programmes.

You will also get access to our community of fellow Business Owners and professionals.

We’ve also partnered with who offer the best digital marketing training in the world and on every paid plan you or one of your team will become trained and certified in all aspects of digital marketing.


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