7 Reasons you need a positive workplace culture and how to build one
Your workplace culture reflects the personality of your business. Although it’s intangible it has a real effect on the health[...]
How emotional segmentation can boost your marketing ROI
Feelings exist to drive behaviours. This is why emotional marketing is so effective at capturing consumer attention. Story-telling evokes strong[...]
Recognising winning workplace culture
Workplace culture is part of a business’ identity and it has a huge influence on the employees who operate within[...]
5 things wrong with Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Even if you don’t know Net Promoter Score by name you’ll almost certainly recognise the question, ‘How likely are you[...]
How to ensure you’re making informed business decisions
When your livelihood rides on making the right decisions it’s essential to know all the facts. All too often people[...]
5 steps to an effective feedback strategy
When pondering business growth ideas, customer feedback rarely crops up. And yet, having a cohesive customer feedback strategy can give[...]
Why quick and easy surveys provide your business with the feedback it needs
Quick and easy surveys are an integral part of an effective feedback strategy. Why? Because your customers don’t have the[...]
3 reasons why you should always respond to online reviews
Time is money and that's why many business owners choose not to respond to online reviews. They feel like their[...]
Reduce employee turnover by 42% without big pay rises
Employee turnover is one of the biggest challenges facing employers today. There’s no longer such a thing as a job[...]
How to improve your online reviews in 10 minutes per day
Word of mouth has moved online, infinitely extending the reach of customers who love and loathe your business. The stakes[...]
What is the Customer Happiness Score ® and why should you be measuring it?
The Customer Happiness Score ® is a new way to measure and manage customer happiness as a means to drive[...]
The real cost of staff churn to your business
In the past, employees were steadfastly loyal for a lifetime. It was smooth sailing right out of school to retirement,[...]
Poor morale damages productivity (and profitability!)
Imagine a typical employee in your workforce. How do they feel about coming to work?  If it’s more damp squib[...]
How to unite your team for better business results
You know you’ve got something special when you’re part of a good team. You’re infinitely more productive, you enjoy coming[...]
How to improve your business’ online reviews
Enter your text here... Word of mouth has moved online, infinitely extending the reach of customers who love and loathe[...]
How to increase employee retention and boost your business in 2019
Whether you’re looking to ditch a bad habit or make a major life change, January is traditionally a pivotal month[...]
What is The One Question and why you need to ask it?
All businesses exist to serve their customers. Those that forget or fail to put the customer's needs first don’t survive.[...]
NPS vs CHS: Which is right for my business?
Net Promoter Score ® (NPS) has long been touted as 'The Ultimate Question' since it was created in 2003. The Fortune[...]
The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of responding to positive TripAdvisor reviews: 5 templates for restaurants
In life, if someone gives you a compliment what do you do? Bask in their praise? Laugh it off? Modestly[...]
62 Customer experience statistics every business needs to know
In today’s global marketplace, it’s easy for companies to get lost in the crowd. Businesses can no longer differentiate themselves[...]
26 Reasons Why Customer Experience Is Vital To Business Success
Building a successful business is no longer just about having a quality product and a competitive price. Times have changed.[...]
Customer Satisfaction Versus Customer Happiness – What Is The Difference?
Customer satisfaction – it’s a term that’s been bandied about the world of customer service for years. But what does[...]
5 ways to turn an unhappy customer into a brand ambassador
When you're looking to grow your business, it's easy to only focus on happy customers. After all, they're the ones[...]
How to deal with negative online reviews (A step by step process)
Dealing with negative online reviews has become part and parcel of everyday life for most organisations. In fact, managing their[...]
What Is NPS? (and why do so many businesses use it?)
It's been around since 2003, and frequently comes up whenever people talk about customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. But if[...]
28 Statistics that prove your online reputation matters (a lot)
The internet has transformed the way consumers research and make their buying choices. People used to rely on friends, family[...]
How to deal with customer complaints in 9 easy steps
Unhappy customers are an inevitable part of every business, so it's important to know how to deal with customer complaints[...]

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