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What is the Customer Happiness Score and why should you be measuring it?

8 Minute Read

Discover why the Customer Happiness Score is the key to unlocking business growth. This simple score between 0-100 will be a game-changer for your business

Why low morale creates poor productivity in the workplace

3 Minute Read

Poor morale isn't something that can be ignored. Find out how much damage it can cause to every area of your business (and what you can do to resolve it).

The 7 Best Ways To Appreciate Your Employees In 2020

3 Minute Read

Employee appreciation is vital to team morale and your company culture. Here are seven of the best ways you can show your appreciation in 2020.

Find Out What 3 Apprentice Stars Said When We Asked Them About Customer Happiness

3 Minute Read

Discover what previous The Apprentice contestants Khadija Kalifa, Michaela Wain and Joanna Jarjue had to say about the importance of Customer Happiness.

A Simple Guide to Building a Great Team

5 Minute Read

Great teams mean great results, it's as simple as it sounds. Follow this guide to ensure that your team adapts to the mentality that's critical to success.

7 reasons why customer feedback is completely broken

4 Minute Read

Customer feedback as we know it is dead. Discover the problems that have caused your response rates to be at an all-time low... and how you can fix them!

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How to get the feedback your business craves to fully-flourish

3 Minute Read

Stop using boring long-form surveys. The key to customer and employee feedback is using The One Question to collect actionable insight that you can act on

5 things wrong with Net Promoter Score (NPS)

7 Minute Read

Still using Net Promoter Score? Find out why its flawed and discover an alternative that will improve your customer feedback today!

What is NPS?

5 Minute Read

NPS is a well known metric used for business, discover how it works, what it actually is, and more in this short 5 minute read.

5 Ideas To Keep Connections, Keep Productivity and Keep Sane...

3 Minute Read

GaryVee's right: businesses need to know how their employees feel

2 Minute Read

Find out why Gary Vee said that businesses need to understand how their employees feel and make them happy. Even if that means firing their best employee.

Why discovering your purpose is key for modern businesses

2 Minute Read

Identifying your business' performance will have a massive effect on your success. Find out how it can raise you above competitors and improve performance.

Customer Satisfaction vs Customer Happiness - What is the difference?

4 Minute Read

Customer satisfaction is no longer enough for your customers. Find out why you need to make your customers happy instead, and how it can grow your business

NPS vs CHS: Which is right for my business?

11 Minute Read

NPS is used by lots of businesses to measure customer loyalty. But how does it compare to CHS, the world's only measure of customer happiness in real-time?

How building a no blame culture can improve Employee Happiness

3 Minute Read

Implementing a no blame culture can have many benefits to yours and your employees happiness. Find out more with this easy to follow guide.

The State Of Customer Happiness 2019

3 Minute Read

With 2019 coming to an end and customer happiness becoming more important everyday, take a look back at the 2019 trends and where its headed in 2020.

Boost your marketing ROI with emotional segmentation

6 Minute Read

Discover what emotional segmentation is, and how you can utilize it to improve your marketing results and increase your return on investment (ROI).

20 Ways To Improve Your Company Culture In 2020

7 Minute Read

Company culture will become more important than ever in 2020. Discover 20 ways you can improve yours in 2020 to increase morale and employee retention.

What is The One Question?

9 Minute Read

Discover The One Question that matters most in business. By understanding this question, and how to answer it, you will unlock your business' potential.

Why trust is the most important facet in business

3 Minute Read

Building and mantaining trust between customers and employees is more important than ever. Discover exactly why and how to improve this in your business.

Why businesses need to deliver on their promises

4 Minute Read

Find out what the importance of your word to your employees and customers, Dont leave your employees feeling let down and under-appreciated.

4 things you must do to get more feedback

2 Minute Read

Feedback from employees and customers is key to improving your business, but do you know the best way to collect it? Use these 4 things to get more today!

7 reasons you need a positive workplace culture

4 Minute Read

A positive workplace for your employees is crucial for many reasons, discover why in this blog post, and how to measure it using The One Question

6 Wellbeing Initiatives That Will Change Your Business

5 Minute Read

Happy employees mean, happy customers, simple right? Find out the easiest ways to improve your companies all-around happiness.

5 reasons you NEED to collect customer feedback

2 Minute Read

Customer feedback shouldn’t be just another job, businesses NEED to collect it. Find out why putting it at the heart of your business is crucial to grow.

What does having happy customers mean to your company?

3 Minute Read

Discover why making your customers happy should never be underestimated in business, and how you can encourage your customers to tell you how they feel.

What's the cost of a bad business decision? (and how to prevent it)

2 Minute Read

Working out whether a decision is right for your business can be hard. Use these simple questions to ensure that your decision is an informed one.

Customer Experience Trends You Need To Know About In 2020

5 Minute Read

With 2020 just around the corner, be sure to check out these Customer Experience trends you need to know about for the coming year.

How to reduce employee turnover by 42% without big pay rises

8 Minute Read

Discover how one company reduced employee turnover by turning employee feedback into employee happiness, creating a fantastic culture with a loyal team.

How to rapidly improve your company culture

4 Minute Read

Uniting your team will lead to happier employees, leading to better business results! Find out the best ways to make your team happier today!

The customer feedback strategy that will grow your business

4 Minute Read

Using an effective feedback strategy can help gain new customers, and make sure exsisting ones come back. Follow these 5 steps to help you develop yours.