4 things you must do to get more feedback

Gary Bartley
Gary Bartley
October 18th 2019 - 2 Minute Read

Customer and employee feedback has never been more crucial in business. When done right, it can increase happiness (and profits) across your business. Yet most businesses waste time and money focusing on the thoughts of a tiny percentage of people, without knowing how the silent majority feel.

When collecting feedback, your response rate is key. Discovering how the silent majority of your customers and employees feel helps you identify common trends in your feedback. These common trends are your blueprints for improvement. The more responses, the clearer the blueprint.

So how do you get more feedback from your customers and employees? It’s simpler than you think; just follow these four rules:

  1. Make it quick
  2. Make it easy
  3. Make it accessible
  4. Make it worthwhile (for everybody)

Make it quick

Too many surveys are long and boring.

For some unknown reason, as soon as “feedback” is mentioned, everyone pictures a really long questionnaire made on SurveyMonkey. After all, it’s obvious that what every business really needs to find out is whether their customers liked the smell in their store, or how their employees find the company coffee.

In truth, it’s a waste of time for everyone.

What you really need to discover from your survey is how your customers and employees feel and why. Keep the question count low and ask something that matters.

A good survey should take less than 60 seconds to complete.


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Make it easy

Whatever you do, don’t make people convert their feelings into a number, like NPS. All this does is muddle your data thanks to a very subjective scale where nobody truly understands whether 6 is good, bad or average. (It’s bad, apparently.)

Instead, offer a method for people to enter their feedback effortlessly, without any risk of misinterpretation. The fewer clicks the better, with a simple input method.

Surveys with emojis that depict how a person feels are ideal. In just one click of a face, you can understand exactly how someone feels. Easy.


Make it accessible

To collect as much feedback as possible, make your surveys accessible for everyone. 

Don’t limit yourselves to your website’s feedback widget. Try different approaches to ensure you’re reaching everyone, everywhere.

Here are five different ways you can collect feedback:

  1. Email Surveys: Simple. Send surveys by email to your database.
  2. App Surveys: Use surveys on a tablet when customers visit your business.
  3. Web Link Surveys – Host a survey on a URL that someone can visit to leave you feedback.
  4. QR Surveys: Place QR codes on posters that your customers can scan and be redirected to a survey.
  5. NFC Surveys: Allow customers and employees to tap their phone on a sensor to start a survey.

By trying a selection of these surveys, you will maximise your response rate.


4 things you must do to get more feedback

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Make it worthwhile (for everybody)

This is the most important part of your feedback strategy, yet it’s always the one that’s overlooked!

If you ask for feedback you MUST do something with it.

Feedback has a bad name because it is so often ignored. And why would anybody spend time offering a business constructive feedback if there was no action, or even recognition, from it? That’s just wasting time.

Customers and employees don’t give feedback so businesses can enter it into spreadsheets. They either do it because they want to show gratitude or because they want something to change.

So the next time you receive feedback, do something with it. Thank someone for taking the time to respond. Show happy employees that you value them and their kind words. Apologise to unhappy customers and tell them how you’re going to resolve their issue and make sure it never happens again.

Feedback is invaluable. Show customers and employees how valuable their feedback is to your business. If not they’ll stop responding!


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