Find Out What 3 Apprentice Stars Said When We Asked Them About Customer Happiness

Gary Bartley
Gary Bartley
December 12th 2019 - 3 Minute Read

We’re huge fans of The Apprentice at The One Question. With all those budding entrepreneurs competing to show their business nous and win a huge investment; what’s not to love?

Not only is the show highly entertaining, but it’s also great to see successful entrepreneurs demonstrate their abilities. They’re always aiming to be the most profitable, with varying levels of success, but they’re always considering their customers’ and clients’ happiness at the same time. If not, they get deductions and lose profits.

We think that aspect of the show is great. So we reached out to three of the most popular contestants from the past few years, Khadija Kalifa, Michaela Wain and Joanna Jarjue, to see what their thoughts were on Customer Happiness and its importance in business.


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Khadija Kalifa

Khadija is best known for her tenacious work ethic and no-nonsense approach as she reached the final five in season 14 of the show. Now the owner of Keep It Real With Khadija, the successful businesswoman has gone from strength to strength, no doubt thanks to her fantastic approach to customer service:

To ‘just satisfy’ is never an option. Do better, work harder but most importantly… reward often. Loyalty is something that is learnt through actions. Whether an employee or a customer… deliver the best – always!


Khadija is spot on. Employee and Customer Satisfaction has had its day. Customer and Employee Happiness is the only way to earn loyalty and build the relationships businesses need to grow.


Michaela Wain

Michaela was one of the most memorable contestants from the 13th season of the BBC show thanks to her straight-talking attitude. Now a director at We Connect Construction, Michaela is showcasing her talents while demonstrating a genuine interest in Customer and Employee Happiness:

There is too much competition out there to just expect loyalty. You have to be the best, provide exceptional service and have a genuine interest in the happiness of your customers and also your employees.


Michaela is absolutely right. Delivering Employee and Customer Happiness is vital in business and the only way to earn the loyalty you need to be successful.


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Joanna Jarjue

Joanna was the youngest contestant in season 13 of The Apprentice and made the final five in no small part down to her remarkable determination. Now a successful public speaker, Joanna is well-placed to offer her experienced opinion on the effect that Customer and Employee Happiness has on loyalty.

I think the backbone of any company is the people; whether it be its employees or customers. You need people to thrive and you need them to last in a competitive arena. The best way to do this is to earn their loyalty, and the happiest people stay loyal for the longest.

Joanna Jarjue Quote

Joanna hits the nail on the head with her understanding of the importance of Employee and Customer Happiness, and how it can help your culture and retention thrive.


You need to care about Customer Happiness too

Joanna, Michaela and Khadija’s wise-words show the importance of Customer Happiness in business. After all, you’re unlikely to earn a customer’s loyalty and their repeat business without making them happy. So you need to discover how happy your customers are.

But how do you keep track of this? You need a real-time measurement of Customer Happiness like the Customer Happiness Score®. Find out why you should be measuring Customer Happiness and why Customer Satisfaction is no longer good enough here.

Will you be watching The Apprentice final? Let us know who you think will win in the comments below!


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