The 7 Best Ways To Appreciate Your Employees In 2020

Gary Bartley
Gary Bartley
January 8th 2020 - 3 Minute Read

Employee Appreciation is a crucial part of management and has a huge impact on your workplace culture.

First of all, it’s an excellent way of increasing happiness, improving morale, building Employee relationships and earning loyalty. Plus, it will prevent your company culture from becoming stale, hurting your productivity and profits.

So with the start of a new decade, many businesses will be focusing more on appreciating their team. Here are seven of the best ways you can show your appreciation in 2020:


Praise your team regularly

Simple. All you need to do is identify something that is genuinely admirable and make sure the praise is sincere. Don’t be fooled into giving praise for the sake of it, but when you spot an opportunity don’t pass it up.

Management is often seen to be the bearers of bad news, only getting involved when there are issues. This is a great opportunity to change that. 

A little praise, where it’s due, will have a huge impact on your team culture. Plus, it highlights the attitude and performance you want to see from your team. 


Personalised gifts

Gifts are a fantastic way of showing your appreciation. Making them personalised goes even further and shows you understand your Employees’ interests.

Try tickets for your biggest sports fans, vouchers for the employee who’s just moved house or a present for a team member who’s expecting a new arrival. Personalised gifts show you care and appreciate your team’s hard work.


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Team rewards

Sometimes, the best way of showing your appreciation is to reward your whole team together. This can be a team activity, event or our personal favourite, food.

Taking the whole team out for a meal to celebrate their achievements is a fantastic way to build team spirit and show your appreciation. You don’t need to head out of the office either. Order something to be delivered to the office for lunch instead, like pizza.

Of course, the best team rewards depend on the personality of your team. If they’re energetic, do something sporty, like rock-climbing. If they’re more brain than brawn, go to a pub quiz or an escape room. All that matters is that it’s a reward that the whole team will enjoy.


Employee of the month

Employee of the month is an idea that’s been around for a while. But now it’s experiencing a resurgence in popularity again thanks to the Employee Happiness movement.

Initially big in the USA, Employee of the month has crossed the Atlantic and has become a great way to create healthy competition within your team.

It’s a great way to appreciate someone for doing an excellent job. Don’t forget to explain why they won, though!


Break room/area stuff

Forget stuffy old office spaces. Instead, show your appreciation for your teams’ hard work by making your office somewhere staff enjoy spending their time.

Comfy chairs can work wonders, as can fancy coffee machines or plants to brighten up the place. You could even treat your team to a pool table, darts board or games console to give them a space to refocus.

Small changes to make your staff areas comfortable can make a big improvement to your company culture and show your appreciation.

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Organise a regular social event

Regular social events are a fantastic way to strengthen your team bond, while also showing your appreciation.

Try a drink at the pub on the last Friday of each month or weekly games nights. Social events show your team how much their efforts matter so organise something outside of work that everybody will enjoy.


Customer feedback awards

When an individual team member gets a mention in your Customer Feedback, pass on the praise to your employees to thank them for their great work.

Employee appreciation is always good for staff morale, but having them hear it from the customers they’ve helped will have an even bigger effect.

You can even go one step further and hold an annual event to reward your Employees. Rewarding the Employees that make your customers the happiest will create healthy competition and align your team behind Customer Happiness.


Show your appreciation in 2020

Happy Employees are loyal Employees who are unlikely to leave your business. Showing your appreciation is an excellent way to make them even happier, strengthen your relationships and reduce employee turnover.

With the dawn of a new decade, it’s the perfect time to show some appreciation and increase your business’ Employee Happiness.

How do you currently show your appreciation to Employees? Let us know in the comments!


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