The State Of Customer Happiness 2019

Gary Bartley
Gary Bartley
December 16th 2019 - 3 Minute Read

Customer Happiness has been a rapidly growing trend in 2019, and for good reason. After all, it’s no secret that having happy customers is vital to business success. So what is the state of Customer Happiness at the end of 2019? And what are our predictions for its future in 2020?


Satisfaction isn’t good enough anymore

Customer satisfaction has had its time at the top, but today’s customers expect more. Businesses that fail to make people happy will see their customers take their hard-earned cash elsewhere.

Customer Happiness now reigns supreme as the most important metric in your business. Delivering it will be critical to your success. Businesses who are still measuring Customer Satisfaction need to stop now and start measuring Customer Happiness instead.


Start measuring Customer Happiness

Businesses need to know how happy their customers are. So many will flock to the new Customer Happiness Score® (CHS®), the only real-time measurement of customer happiness in the world.

This score will become crucial to help businesses understand how they’re performing and discover where they can improve. Their entire workforce will align behind this score too, making it the perfect goal for individuals, departments, and the entire team.

Soon, an employee’s focus at work will be on making customers happy. Thus earning loyalty to increase customers’ average order values as well as their average lifetime values!

How do businesses get this score? By asking their customers how they feel.


How to get the feedback your business craves to fully-flourish

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More businesses are asking for feedback, but most are missing the mark

Customer feedback has become more crucial than ever. But unfortunately, most businesses are missing the mark. The temptation to ask too much, too often, is too great and countless feedback strategies have suffered because of this.

All feedback strategies should centre around one thing: getting as many customers as possible to tell you how they feel about their experiences with you and why. The more the better.

Long, boring surveys with tiny response rates are becoming a thing of the past. Short, simple surveys that give you the most customer feedback are taking over.

This extra feedback will give you reliable insight that tells you how your customers feel, and how you can make them even happier. With this knowledge, strengthening your customer relationships has never been so easy. That’s fortunate considering customers relationships are critical to your business’ profits.


The Relationship Era is here

Yes, customer relationships have never been more important to a business’ bottom line. With the rising cost of new customer acquisition, it’s integral to earn your customers’ repeat business.

The only way to do this is by building a strong relationship with them and making them happy every time they interact with your business. These relationships will affect where those customers spend their hard-earned money.

As we enter the Relationship Era, your company needs to embrace the shift and align your teams behind delivering Customer Happiness through fantastic customer care.


The State Of Customer Happiness 2019

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It pays to be customer-centric

With your customers telling you how they feel there’s no guesswork involved when making decisions on how to improve. Instead, you can use reliable customer insight to guide you to make smart, effective decisions that will help your business grow.

Customer feedback removes much of the risk of making the wrong business decisions. Instead, you can relax and let customer-led data guide you. By putting Customer Happiness at the heart of your business you will unlock opportunities to grow your business, and profits, faster than ever.


Don’t forget about your employees!

While Customer Happiness is essential for business, with many benefits including increased referrals, higher average order values and a reduction in customer churn, businesses can’t forget about their employees.

Employee Happiness is equally key to your success. Not only will it rapidly improve your company culture and morale but it also has a huge knock-on effect on your Customer Happiness as well! After all, the happier your employees are the better customer service they deliver.


Predictions for 2020

Customer and Employee Happiness will become pivotal in company cultures across the globe in 2020.

Customer satisfaction is gone and Customer Happiness is here to stay. So even more businesses will focus on delivering fantastic customer experiences to increase their Customer Happiness.

The most successful of those businesses will measure Customer Happiness as their main KPI and use it to align their entire company behind this one goal. As well as proudly displaying it as a badge of their excellent customer care.

Are you measuring your Customer Happiness? If not, now’s the time.


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