How To Build A Great Online Reputation On Glassdoor

Start building a great online reputation on Glassdoor to save money on recruitment.

Glassdoor is an online reputation website where members of staff can rate their employers to let job seekers know whether it’s a good place to work.

These online reviews are becoming more critical now that job board websites emphasise reviews alongside adverts to highlight the businesses who make their Employees happy.

This is a fantastic opportunity if you have lots of happy Employees. However, it is a threat if you cannot manage your online reputation; new recruits will simply be put off applying for your jobs.

Online reputation is a new challenge for HR professionals but when embraced it will reduce your recruitment costs and make you a more desirable place to work.


Step 1

These are your employees who are not Actively Happy

All of these employees have varying issues that you’ll want to overcome.

Actively Unhappy employees are the ones who are most unhappy and likely to be looking for pastures new, whereas you should be able to turn around your Unhappy and Neutral employees.

Happy employees are good, however be sure to remember that there is still a reason they aren’t Actively Happy.


Step 2

Respond within 24 hours to show how much you care

Acting swiftly to reply to these employees shows how much you value their feelings. The quicker the reply the better.


Step 3

Acknowledge how they feel and identify how to make them happier

Open those communication lines from each individual employee to the HR team. Acknowledge and understand any issues they have and work together to overcome them.

Employees want to be heard, so make sure you listen!


Step 4

Strengthen your relationship through 1-2-1 conversation

By having human conversations with your employees, you are letting them know they are listened to and will receive a response.

This is a fantastic way to build your relationship with individual employees and will supplement any annual surveys nicely.


Step 5

These are your happiest employees who are unlikely to leave

They enjoy working for you and are the employees that will sing your praises and recommend others join your business.


Step 6

Say thank you for their comments

This shows how much you appreciate your employees and value any feedback they can give you.


Step 7

Strengthen your relationship with them in 1-2-1 conversation

Engage your Actively Happy employees in human conversations to show how much you care and further strengthen your relationship with them.


Step 8

Ask them to leave an online review on glassdoor

After thanking them for their feedback and strengthening your relationship with them, now is the time to ask them to leave you a review on Glassdoor.

Don’t forget to ask them to go into detail to give prospective team members even more of an idea of what it’s like to work for you.

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