How To Consistently Improve Your Products And Services

Continuously improve your products and services with the Customer Happiness Score® and The One Question.

We recommend this Growth Blueprint for every business.

If your business offers excellent products and services, then you’ll make all your customers happy. If you make your customers happy they’ll buy from you again in the future, and if you build an army of happy customers, your business will take care of itself.

That’s why we’ve created the game-changing new score:
The Customer Happiness Score®.

It’s the only score in the world that measures Customer Happiness in real-time, so you can identify how to consistently improve your products and services to grow your business.


Step 1

Ask your customers The One Question

The customer will answer The One Question: “How do you feel?” by clicking on one of five emoji faces that resemble their feeling. Once they’ve clicked on a face, they’ll be prompted to “Tell us more…” to find out why they feel the way they do.

By keeping the survey simple, you will get up to 20x the responses of other feedback surveys.


Step 2

These are your unhappiest customers who are most likely to complain about you

They are your biggest risk of damaging word-of-mouth marketing and online reviews that will impact your business’ reputation.


Step 2

Unhappy customers have problems with your business but are unlikely to tell others

Although they will do minimal damage to your reputation on and offline, you’ve certainly lost them as a customer.


Step 2

These customers don’t have strong feelings either way about your business

They had an OK time and might buy from you again, but they will be on the lookout for better experiences from your competitors.


Step 2

These customers like your business but have a reason for not being actively happy

They will give you key insight on how to improve because, despite liking their experience, they thought it could have been better.


Step 2

These are your happiest customers

They will be your most loyal customers who will recommend your business to others and rave about you. You should be aiming to make all of your customers Actively Happy.


Step 3

Your score is calculated with our patent-pending formula

The Customer Happiness Score®, a real-time measurement between 0-100, is calculated from your feedback to help you grow.

If all your customers are Actively Happy, your score is 100. If all of your customers are Actively Unhappy, your score is 0. Simple.


Step 4

Communicate your score from the staff room to the boardroom

Every member of your team should know what the score is so they know how they’re performing.

This helps to align your team behind one goal and ensures that everyone knows that whatever they do could effect that score positively or negatively.


Step 5

Analyse negative feedback to discover what Customers dislike

Identify sudden drops and low-performance trends to uncover what you can do to improve your business.

This information should also be shared with your teams, so it’s no longer the boss telling the staff how they should improve. Instead it’s the customers telling them, and the boss supporting them.


Step 6

Make improvements to these highlighted areas

Now you know where to improve it’s time to make those changes.

By using customer feedback to decide how to improve, your management teams will have the necessary insight to make the correct decisions themselves.


Step 7

Wait one month until your score updates

This exact period of time will vary depending on your business, but it’s essential to keep track of your real-time score to identify whether your changes have the intended positive effect.

Your Customer Happiness Score will quickly become the heartbeat of your business.


Step 8

Review whether your score has gone up or down

Constantly track your score and share all the changes with your team.

Celebrate as a team when your score goes up, while still looking to improve further, and jump on it quickly if your score drops.


Step 9

If your score has gone down, try something else instead!

Analyse why your score has gone down and use your insight to make different changes to narrow down the exact improvements your customers want.


Step 10

If your score has gone up, your changes have worked!

Congratulations, you know that your changes have worked, but unless your score is 100, there is always room for improvement.

It’s crucial to gamify improvement (and Happiness!) with your team then you will see your score continue to increase over time.

Repeat this process to continuously improve your business.

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