How To Fill Your Restaurant On Quiet Nights

Discover how to create your very own loyalty & referral club to fill your restaurant’s quieter nights.

Most restaurants have great success on their busier nights,
but struggle to get enough covers on their quieter nights.

That’s why we’ve created a machine that uses customer feedback
to fill those quieter nights while keeping your popular nights busy.

This machine identifies your happiest customers and drives them to those quieter nights with a benefit to them, while also encouraging
them to recommend others to visit your restaurant
on your traditionally busier nights.


Step 1

Ask your diners The One Question

Load the survey app on a tablet and hand it to your diners as you give them their bill to get a fantastic response rate. Not only will you gather feedback, but you will also collect the diners’ email addresses, along with any marketing consent.

Your diners will answer The One Question: “How do you feel?” by clicking on one of five emoji faces that resemble their feeling. Once they’ve clicked on a face, they’ll be prompted to “Tell us more…” to find out why they feel the way they do.


Step 2

Actively Happy diners

They are your happiest diners who are most likely to tell their friends and family about their great experience at your restaurant.


Step 3

Thank them for their feedback within 24 hours

Very few businesses thank their customers for feedback so this is your opportunity to give them a very personalised response to not only build a rapport with your diner but to start a conversation with them.

If you can make them feel like they are part of your community, you will build a very strong relationship with them.


Step 4

After 72 hours send an invitation email to join loyalty & referral club

This must be an exclusive, invitation-only club. It’s important to refrain from explaining how diners become members to avoid skewing your feedback and allowing any diners to join.

You must identify your truly happy diners and invite them to join. This can all be automated in many email marketing platforms.

It’s important for your club to have both soft and hard benefits to show real value for being a club member.

Hard benefits are discounts and freebies that have a cost to you. Soft benefits, such as exclusive tasting of a new menu, are things that customers can’t buy and make the diner feel appreciated.


Step 5

Give them a 14-day deadline to accept this invitation

Putting a time-limit on your invitation will create fear of missing out and encourage the diner to join sooner rather than later.


Step 6

After 7 days send a reminder email

Reinforce the benefits of the club and the ease of joining. This reminder will maximise the number of diners joining your club.


Step 7

Give members referral materials with equal benefits

Roughly 20% of those invited will become club members. As your club grows, create referral materials with equal benefits, so your club members can recommend others to visit your restaurant.

These benefits must always be equal to incentivise these referrals.

An example would be to give club members vouchers to give to their friends. These new diners will then get £5 off their visit, and the member will get £5 off their next meal for referring someone.

By doing this, you’re incentivising your Actively Happy customers to do your sales and marketing for you.


Step 8

Target member benefits to quieter nights

Encourage your club members to visit your restaurant on your quieter nights by giving them exclusive benefits on those nights.

This will encourage your happiest diners into your quieter nights, freeing up for new, recommended diners to join you at your most popular times.


Step 9

Target referral benefits to busier nights in the restaurant

The referred diners will then visit your restaurant on your busier nights and see how popular you are while enjoying your excellent food and atmosphere.

This becomes a machine as your new customers, who are Actively Happy, then become club members too and invite even more people to visit your restaurant.

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