How To Identify Your Happiest Departments

Start identifying the happiest departments in your business to improve Employee Happiness and retention.

With a variety of employee engagement metrics, it is extremely difficult to identify your happiest departments.

The One Question takes business back to the basics. If you consistently make your employees happy, your retention will take care of itself. Measuring Employee Happiness is crucial.

That’s why we’ve created the game-changing new score:
The Employee Happiness Score®.

It’s an accurate, yet simple, measurement of your Employee Happiness that helps you highlight your happiest, and least happy, departments.


Step 1

Tag your employees by their department

This will enable you to report on your feedback using these different cohorts.


Step 2

Ask your employees The One Question

The employee will answer The One Question: “How do you feel?” by clicking on one of five emoji faces that resemble their feeling. Once they’ve clicked on a face, they’ll be prompted to “Tell us more…” to find out why they feel the way they do.

By keeping the survey simple, you will get up to 20x the responses of other feedback surveys.


Step 3

These are your unhappiest employees who will be looking to leave

They have a major issue that they’ve told you about. Unless you resolve this issue quickly they will leave.


Step 4

Unhappy employees have issues that require resolving before it’s too late

These employees need support but they can be turned around more easily to make them happy in their role.


Step 5

Neutral employees don’t have strong feelings either way about working for you

These are poachable employees who will be listening to job opportunities when they get tapped up on LinkedIn.


Step 6

Happy employees like your business, but have a reason for not being actively happy

They will give you key insight on how to improve because, despite liking their experience, they thought it could have been better.


Step 7

These are your happiest employees who are unlikely to leave

They will be your most loyal employees who are happy to tell you how much they enjoy working for your business.


Step 9

An Employee Happiness Score® is created for each department based on their feedback

The Employee Happiness Score®, a real-time measurement between 0-100, is calculated from your feedback to help you grow.

If all your employees are Actively Happy, your score is 100. If all of your employees are Actively Unhappy, your score is 0. Simple.


Step 10

Create an Employee Happiness league table

By tagging by departments at the beginning, not only will you have an overall score, but you will also have a score for each department (tag).

This insight will be reported in a league table of Employee Happiness so you can see who’s performing the best.


Step 11

Set a benchmark Customer Happiness Score® for managers

This is a fantastic way of gamifying Employee Happiness and setting individual goals for each of your managers.

It’s also a fantastic way to track their progress moving forward.


Step 12

Give your lowest performing managers feedback to help them improve

Use real employee feedback in your review to show your managers where their team feel they can improve.

Set them an individual plan to improve their employee relationships and make their teams happier than ever.


Step 13

Congratulate your best performing managers

Use your feedback and Employee Happiness Score® to identify your best performing managers. This can make a great KPI for bonuses and incentives.

Research further into their management style to see if there are fantastic things they do that the rest of your management team can benefit from.

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