How To Improve Your TripAdvisor Ranking And Rating

Discover how you can turn Actively Happy customers into a fantastic TripAdvisor ranking and rating.

96% of people research businesses online before buying from them;
having a poor rating and low ranking on TripAdvisor will cost you customers and money.

However, TripAdvisor is a double-edged sword and provides big opportunities too. If you get it right and reach the top page with a great rating, potential new customers will trust you and choose your business over a competitor.

In the modern era, managing your Online Reputation on TripAdvisor is key, and The One Question platform is the most effective way to do it.


Step 1

Ask your customers The One Question

Your customers will answer The One Question: “How do you feel?” by clicking on one of five emoji faces that resemble their feeling. Once they’ve clicked on a face, they’ll be prompted to “Tell us more…” to find out why they feel the way they do.

By keeping the survey simple, you will get up to 20x the responses of other feedback surveys.

There are multiple ways you can do this: email works best for hotels and gyms who have a database of their customers, whereas tablet app surveys work perfectly for restaurants, spas and events to collect feedback while customers pay or before they leave.


Step 2

These are your customers who are not Actively Happy

All of these customers have varying issues with their experience, ranging from little niggles to big problems.

Actively Unhappy customers are the ones who are most unhappy and likely to be telling the world about their poor experience, whereas you may be able to earn another chance with your Unhappy and Neutral customers.

Happy customers are good, however there is still a reason they aren’t Actively Happy and they will vocalise that.


Step 3

Respond within 24 hours to prevent a negative review

Act swiftly to reply to these customers before they go online and tell the world. This should be done as soon as possible, but definitely within 24 hours.

Ensure you prioritise responding to your Actively Unhappy customers first, as they are your biggest danger.


Step 4

Acknowledge how they feel and their reasons why

Using The One Question, you can easily enter into direct conversations with your customers from their feedback.

Show you have listened to their feedback and understand their perspective. Then offer an apology where required and explain how you have taken their points onboard for the future.

Not only are the customers telling you how they feel, they’re also helping you improve.


Step 5

Build rapport through conversation

Generally customers want to be heard, and it’s better that they tell you how they feel, than tell their friends, family and the world.

By talking through their feedback, and building a rapport with the customer, you will likely avoid a negative review and maybe earn another chance to impress them.


Step 6

These are your Actively Happy customers who had a fantastic experience

They enjoyed their experience with you and are the customers who are most likely to sing your praises and recommend you.


Step 6

Say thank you for their comments

Firstly, this will make you stand out compared to your competitors because it is very rare that customers are thanked after giving feedback to a business.

This is an important first step as it is polite, natural behaviour.


Step 7

Build rapport through conversation

Use your “thank you” message to start the conversation and help you build rapport with those customers.


Step 8

Ask them to leave an online review

Once you’ve built a rapport with that customer, then ask them to leave you an honest online review on TripAdvisor.

Ask customers to go into detail and include pictures if possible to enhance the impact of your review and increase your chance of attracting new customers and rising up the TripAdvisor rankings.

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