The Ultimate Facebook Acquisition Template

Start acquiring more leads from Facebook advertising and building social proof for your new ads.

Facebook advertising costs are constantly rising so targeting the right audiences has never been so important.

The One Question helps you identify your happiest customers and use that audience to drive advertising costs down while getting you a higher quality of newly acquired leads.

Start acquiring more leads from Facebook advertising now by creating lookalike audiences of your Actively Happy customers and building social proof for your new ads.


Step 1

Ask your customers The One Question

The customers will answer The One Question: “How do you feel?” by clicking on one of five emoji faces that resemble their feeling. Once they’ve clicked on a face, they’ll be prompted to “Tell us more…” to find out why they feel the way they do.

By keeping the survey simple, you will get up to 20x the responses of other feedback surveys.


Step 2

These are your unhappiest customers

They will be very unlikely to say positive things about your business online and are much more likely to share their issues and negative experiences with the world.


Step 3

Create an exclusion list of these customers

Export your Actively Unhappy, Unhappy and Neutral customers to use as an exclusion list.


Step 4

Upload these as a custom audience

Upload this list of unhappy contacts, and their email addresses, into Facebook as a custom audience.


Step 5

Exclude them from any advertising

When setting up adverts on Facebook, always exclude this custom audience full of your unhappiest customers to avoid their negative engagement while saving money.


Step 6

Leave these customers alone

They are not Actively Happy, therefore something wasn’t perfect.

We advise leaving these customers alone. If you target them with your ads, although they will likely speak about you in a positive way, they are likely to mention something negative in their engagement.

Plus, if they weren’t Actively Happy, they aren’t the best customer to profile.


Step 7

These are your happiest customers who will rave about you online

They rarely have anything negative to say about your business and are the exact customers that you want more of.


Step 8

Upload 500 of your most recent customers as a custom audience

When you upload this list of customers’ emails, Facebook will match those email addresses to Facebook profiles to give you an audience of your Actively Happy customers.

This match rate is generally between 40-50%, so we recommend you upload around 500 customers to ensure you get the minimum audience size of 100.


Step 9

Create a landing page to attract new customers

A good landing page will make your offering clear and appealing while giving the prospect an obvious next step, such as a button to book or a phone number to call.


Step 10

Create an ad that points to this landing page

This ad should be in a similar style to the landing page so that people see what they were expecting when they arrive on your website.

Eye-catching graphics, animations and videos are a great way to make an effective ad.


Step 11

Target this custom audience for 24 hours to build social proof

Targeting this audience will give you an initial boost of positivity.

Happy customers are likely to leave reactions, comments and possibly even share your ad, giving it valuable social proof. This gives you added credibility and encourages new customers to engage.


Step 12

Create a lookalike of this audience

Now, use your 500 Actively Happy customers to create a lookalike audience in Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook will create an audience of profiles who have similar characteristics to your initial upload, such as interests, location, age etc.

This audience of potential prospects share similarities with your happiest customers, so are likely to engage with your ad and become Actively Happy customers themselves.


Step 13

Now target your ad at this lookalike audience to attract new customers

After your advert has been live for 24 hours it should have gained sufficient social proof, such as reactions and comments, and be ready to target at new audiences.

Now, target your new lookalike audience with the advert to start acquiring more leads from Facebook marketing.

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