Real Time Customer Feedback Software

Discover exactly how happy your customers are.

Forget low response rates and unreliable data.

Start hearing from more of your customers and get the most useful insight you’ve ever had.

Customer Feedback Survey

Traditional feedback is broken.

Most customer feedback strategies centre around long, boring surveys that ask too many questions that don’t matter! No wonder you only hear from a handful of people that are either extremely happy or upset.

Only hearing from these extreme opinions renders your feedback useless and potentially damaging to your business.

Customer Feedback Tool

We’ve fixed feedback.

By asking only one question in a quick and easy survey, you will get more customer feedback than ever before. This makes your insight more reliable, so you know that by acting on it you will please the majority.

The One Question, isn’t just for collecting customer feedback, it empowers you to act on it to build relationships and grow your business.

So how does it work?

Ask your customers
how they feel

Discover why they feel the
way they do

Measure your Customer

Turn feedback into

Identify feedback trends to
grow your business

Use our Customer Happiness survey to discover how people feel in one click of an emoji.

Reach everyone, everywhere

Use email surveys to actively collect customer feedback from your existing database.

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Why choose The One Question?

It’s quick

The platform just asks your customers how they feel because it’s the most important thing that matters to your business.

It’s easy

Simplified to get the best possible response rate, 5 emoji faces will get you 20x more feedback than some long-form surveys.

It’s insightful

Once you know how your customers feel, a “tell us more” free text box tells you the all-important reasons why they feel that way.

It’s relational

Turn feedback into conversations by responding to your customers to build relationships and increase happiness.

And most importantly

The only score in the world that measures
Customer Happiness in real-time.

Customer Happiness Score Background

Measure your performance.
Track your improvement.

Customer Happiness Score

Customer Happiness Score®

Introducing the revolutionary new measurement that helps you keep score in business.

Calculated using your feedback, the Customer Happiness Score gamifies happiness and give your entire team a single number and goal to get behind.

This helps you measure your performance, set targets for your teams, track your improvement, resolve issues and celebrate success together.

Feedback that grows your business

Start using The One Question today and within weeks you will have:



More business



More business