Turn insight into action and action into growth

Manage your customer and employee happiness by identifying trends in your score. Set targets, reward teams for maintaining performance levels and track your progress over time.

The One Question will help your managers use actionable insight to make the right customer-led decisions automatically, creating a self-correcting, self-directing business machine that grows your business.
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"I’ve got my Customer and Employee Happiness Scores, but what can I do with all this insight?"

Now you’ve got your insight, it’s time to put it into action. After all, there’s no point in asking for feedback if you’re not going to do anything with it.

Feedback is the start of your journey, not the end of it. It’s an opportunity to build valuable customer relationships that will help protect and build profitability long term. Good feedback allows you to identify where you’re going right and how you can implement those learnings in other areas of your business. Bad feedback allows you to take corrective action to make amends and stop losing those customers who don’t speak out.

Using The One Question to take action from what you’ve learnt is a win-win. Listening to and engaging with the people in your business is the best way to secure repeat custom that will help your business grow. Nurturing these relationships also serves to create brand advocates. These customers and employees will champion your business on and offline. Plus your happiest customers spend more, come back more often and invite their family and friends. It’s a simple logic and it works.

"How do I start building these relationships?"

You start like you would with any relationship, by having a conversation. The One Question platform has optimised relationship building, making it easier (and quicker) than ever to show your customers you care. The conversations platform allows you to reply to everyone in moments, building relationships and benefiting your business in numerous ways.

"Reply? To everyone?"

Good business is more than just damage control. It’s about valuing everyone, however they feel. Responding to feedback shows you appreciate their contribution to your business.

You can reply to hundreds of messages at the click of a button using a preselected standard reply template. This is a quick and easy way to show your customers and employees you’re listening. There’s no limit to the number of standard replies you can create so tailor them for different sentiments and topics.

"How do I deal with unhappy customers?"

Depending on the feedback, some responses may need a personalised approach.

Those who speak out are granting you an opportunity. Not only are they helping you identify issues that are affecting your business, they’re also giving you a chance to resolve them. Intervening at this early stage also means you can reduce the potential damage, protecting your reputation and helping you improve.

When reaching out to unhappy customers, start with an apology. This acknowledges fault and lets the customers know the business is willing to put their hands up when things don’t go to plan. Sincerity can go a long way in appeasing their anger and disappointment, securing you a valuable second bite of that cherry. It also minimises the potential damage an outspoken customer can reap in person as well as online.

"And happy ones?"

Where listening to unhappy customers gives you a chance to improve, happy ones create a prime marketing opportunity. As brand advocates, you can use their good feeling to strengthen customer retention and reach beyond your current circle to attract new customers. All you’ve got to do is ask.

By thanking them for their feedback you’re showing that you’re grateful for their input while creating an opportunity to invite them back. Encourage them to bring their family and friends and advertise upcoming events or offers pertinent to them. Happy customers will be more receptive to your marketing messages so embrace upsell and cross-sell opportunities when they occur.

"I can use feedback to market my business?"

Good marketing is about knowing your audience and The One Question empowers you to know them better than ever before. Just like the insight you collect from customer feedback can help you improve your customer experience, it can also better inform your marketing campaigns.

Feelings dictate actions so understanding how your customers feel helps you understand and nurture buying behaviours through your communications. Saying the right things to the right people will make your marketing more effective, saving you time, money and effort by targeting the people who want to hear from you most.

  • The One Question can 10x your marketing results by helping you:
  • Get better results from marketing campaigns
  • Grow your social media following and engagement
  • Build your GDPR-compliant email list
  • Improve your online reputation
  • Create loyalty clubs that work
  • Earn more customer referrals
  • Segment your customers effectively

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"Sounds great, but what can I do with my employee insight?"

Manage your employee insight in the same way. Your employees are responsible for rolling out your business’ objectives, which contribute to your success. How well they do this depends on how happy they are. It pays to care how your employees feel.

People work better when they feel valued and asking them how they feel is a good start. Employee feedback invites a healthy dialogue that will help you create a happy and healthy workplace for your team to thrive in.

Employee insight is a vastly underused resource when it comes to making your business better. Customer facing employees are on the frontline. Not only do they interact with your customers on a day to day basis, but they’ll have an understanding of issues affecting customer happiness.

One of the biggest challenges facing business owners in recent times is employee retention. The One Question helps you identify who is most at risk of leaving your business and why. Addressing small issues before they become big problems can help save time and money on recruitment. It’s also worth noting that consistency is good for business. It can be unsettling for employees and customers if there’s a stream of new faces constantly entering and exiting the business.

"Is there anything it can’t do?"

There’s simply so many benefits of using The One Question that we couldn’t fit them all in one website, that’s why we wrote a book!

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