Finally hear from the normally-silent majority of your customers and employees

Guesswork is not enough. In the Relationship Era, you need to fully understand how your customers and employees really feel to maximise business growth.

You can’t make informed business decisions based on hearsay and opinions. You need to hear directly from the normally-silent majority of your customers and employees to truly know how happy they are. The One Question is the only way you can do that.
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"Do I need to survey my customers and employees?"

Yes. If you want to know how they feel, you have to ask. The One Question makes this easy.

The traditional feedback surveys you’ve seen in the past rely on interpretation and assumption. They disengage the customer and have been failing modern businesses for a long time. The results offer little actionable insight, taking into account biases and details that get lost in translation as they move up the traditional organisational chart. That causes problems. Expensive ones.

If you don’t know how your customers and employees truly feel, you’re powerless to stop them leaving forever. Even worse, you won’t even know how you can improve to stop others following their lead.

"What should I ask my customers and employees?"

You only need to ask them one question; The One Question.

Most businesses who try to do the right thing and survey their customers and employees, ask the wrong question, or too many.

Traditional, long-form surveys leave businesses blind. Less than 1% of people actually bother to respond to them, which renders their results pointless. You can’t learn anything from a handful of personal opinions that aren’t representative of 99% of people who work in and buy from your business.

When businesses keep surveys short, they normally fall into the trap of asking the wrong question. A question that people don’t truly understand, where they’re forced to interpret their answer into a number. This asks too much of people and it has a knock-on effect. Not only does it damage the fill-in rate but interpretation is subjective, causing issues for the respondent and the business.

Your business needs something that’s clear for everyone. Simple, logical and effective. Something that finds out how they truly feel.

“How do you feel?” is the one question you need to ask.

"Why this question?"

Everyone knows how they feel, there’s no room for misinterpretation. Nor is the respondent influenced in any way to select one feeling over another. Businesses need honest feelings, not false praise.

The One Question has created a simple and effective method of collecting responses in a fair and unbiased way. They can respond to the ‘How do you feel’ question by selecting one of five emoji style faces.

Your business growth is dependent on making more money from customers and keeping your best staff. Customer and employee happiness plays the most integral role behind these two factors. You need to know how they feel, so why guess when you can ask them directly?

"Why five emoji-style faces?"

Emojis have become part of our daily lives. They’re used as a quick way to communicate how we feel on social media and when messaging. The same logic applies when collecting feedback.

Each face represents an emotion ranging from the most negative, ‘Actively Unhappy’, to the most positive, ‘Actively Happy’. They’re so clear that even if you don’t read the question, you would still understand what the images mean.

It’s also a novel method of collection that makes it easy for the respondent. All they’re asked to do is choose how they feel. The faces offer such ease and simplicity that response rates can be as high as 43%. This means you hear from the normally- silent majority of your customers in your business, not just the most vocal outliers.

Collecting feedback in this way is quick and engaging. Whether your customers have got 15 seconds or 15 minutes, they can tell you all you need to know about your business simply by clicking one of five faces. This one-click response will establish whether you’ve exceeded their expectations or missed the mark.

"What about qualitative insight?"

After the respondent selects a face, they can then fill in an optional free text ‘Tell us more’ box to expand on their feeling if they want to. This will draw out the reasons why they choose the face they did.

These details enrich the quantitative data collected from the faces. Any information the customer provides gives you a fuller insight into their experience. ‘Tell us more’ is the ‘why’ to the faces’ ‘how’.

"Why not include more questions?"

Hearing from the normally-silent majority is vital to getting the most accurate insight into your business. That makes your response rate crucial. Too many questions damage it.

The reason The One Question achieves response rates of up to 43% is that it only asks one question; The One Question that counts.

"How do you collect this feedback?"

Businesses need feedback in the moment. That means being where your customers are. The One Question enables you to use survey methods to suit every business: email, tablet-app and web-based surveys.

Use email surveys to reach your existing database of customers and employees in seconds. With just a few clicks your mouse, you’ll be moments away from receiving valuable insight.

Haven’t got your customers’ email addresses? Use tablet-based surveys to grow your email database as you collect insight. These surveys work in the same way as their email counterparts and include a GDPR compliant email opt-in. Tablet-based surveys are perfect for bricks and mortar businesses.

Finally, web-based surveys are ideal for collecting passive feedback either directly from your website, using your email signature, or via QR codes and NFC triggers. This insight trickles in over time when your customers engage with your business and are prompted to speak up.

With multiple survey methods, you gain the most insight possible, giving you the full picture of customer and employee happiness.

"Is there a simple way to measure this feedback?"

Yes. All of your customer and employee insight contributes to two crucial measurements: your Customer and Employee Happiness Scores ®. These two numbers between 0-100 clearly tell you how your customers and employees are feeling in a tangible score. This gives you an easy and effective way to manage your business’ performance.

Discover how you can manage your business with the Customer Happiness Score ®

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