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December 3, 2018

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Word of mouth has moved online, infinitely extending the reach of customers who love and loathe your business. The stakes are high and so are your customers’ expectations. As a business owner, you should be asking yourself how you can use review sites to tip the scales in your favour.

Your customers are having these conversations whether you like it not so it’s in your best interest to encourage them to say positive things. Good rankings on online review sites are a benchmark of excellence, they set you apart from the competition and act as a valuable (and free!) marketing tool.

Tending to your profile and nurturing your scores doesn’t have to be a laborious task. You can transform your ranking in just 10 minutes per day. All you’ve got to do is ask one question!

Measure and manage happiness

Implementing a feedback platform is an accessible and affordable technological solution that will help you build a successful online reputation.

The One Question is the only a feelings-led feedback platform that uses the Customer Happiness Score. Rather than other industry standard systems like {LINK to NPS Vs CHS} NPS or CSAT, the Customer Happiness Score does what it what it says on the tin, it measures happiness.

It is a tool that affords you greater insight to understand how your customers really feel about their experience. Knowing who feels what affords you a number of business-boosting benefits. Learn more about them here; ‘What is The One Question and why do I need to ask it?‘.

Avoid bad experiences, avoid negative reviews

Customer feelings are a precursor to customer actions. That’s why feedback is such a powerful tool to help your business grow. Once the reviews are online it’s too late. You may be able to learn from this form of feedback retrospectively but the damage to your reputation may already have been done.

Prevention is better than the cure when it comes to losing customers and who better to learn from than the people who are using your business. Using a feedback platform allows you to spot negative patterns and trends with your products and services. You can even tag feedback and search and filter by tags to see how regularly your problems occur.

It might be issues with delivery, insolent staff or faulty products. Find out what’s driving your customers away and fix it. Whether the feedback highlights an increased need for staff training or that you’re in dire need of a refurb, you will be able to prioritise which fix’s will deliver the biggest impact on the customer experience.

Intervention and damage control

Businesses are made up of people and people are only human. As the saying goes, sometimes s**t happens. It’s how you handle it going forward that can be the difference between a customer giving you a second chance or shouting about their bad experiencer online.

Your customers are parting with their hard earned cash so their unhappiness is understandable when those products and services fall short of those expectations. Capturing the customer’s complaint at this early stage gives you a chance to put it right and hopefully appease them before they air their grievance online.

Giving your customers a voice in your business shows you value them and ensures they feel listened to. By giving them the means to tell you directly you create a valuable opportunity to strengthen those customer relationships by making amends and limiting any potential damage to your reputation, both online and off.

Solicit reviews from happy customers

Your happiest customers are your biggest asset. Once you know who they are you can harness that happiness to encourage them to share their experiences online. As brand advocates, they’re already open to engaging with your business so will be more inclined to help you out. BrightLocal found that 70% of people will leave a review when asked. So take the opportunity and ask!

The One Question’s conversations platform allows you to nurture those valuable customer relationships. You can start by thanking the customer for their feedback and follow up with a request for a review. Send them a link to your preferred review site and watch the positive reviews come rolling in.

The last word

When it comes to online review sites, getting to and staying on page one should be your main priority. This means getting good reviews. And lots of them. The quality, quantity, frequency and recency of these will all affect your ranking. Utilising a feedback platform can help you manage and implement an effective review strategy with minimum effort.

The One Question is the ideal tool for businesses looking for a simple and efficient way to encourage customers to leave reviews online. As a feelings-led feedback platform, The One Question allows business owners to utilise the experiences of their existing customers to attract new customers online.

Checking the platform, sending templated or personalised bulk messages to your happiest customers and recompensing unhappy ones can take less than 10 minutes a day. The system makes it possible to create a plan to manage customer happiness in just a few clicks.

If your online reputation is a little lacklustre, give it some love and book a free demo of The One Question in your business today. Get a feel for the multiplying possibilities that happen when you ask one question, ‘How do you feel?’.

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