In this article, we will show you can upload your contacts to an instance outside of a survey. All contacts that you import are stored per instance.


Add contacts to your instance


To add contacts to an instance, click on the ‘Contacts’ tab.



This takes you to the Contacts main page.


To import your contacts click ‘Import’.



There are two ways of uploading your contacts; import a CSV file or copy and paste. We recommend ‘import a CSV file’.



Note: When you import a file containing existing contacts, you can select the option to update the profiles of the contacts that already exist within your instance.



You can drag and drop your CSV file into the box or ‘upload from your computer’.



As soon as you’ve selected your file, you’ll need to map your fields. This is a simple step that ensures that your data is stored in the platform correctly.


You’ll need to match the fields in your CSV file to the fields in the platform. For example; if you have a field in your CSV named ‘Email addresses’, match this up with the ‘Email Address’ field in the platform.



Once you’re done, click ‘Import’.



A confirmation message will appear, you can check the status of each individual contact just click ‘View contacts’.



Each contact will have one of 4 statuses:


  • Imported – The contact has successfully been imported to the platform.
  • Updated – An existing contacts profile has been updated, this is an action that you will have completed before the point of importing your contacts.
  • Existing – The contact already existed within the instance.
  • Failed –  If a contact hasn’t been successfully imported.


There a few reasons why a contact may have failed to be imported, this may be due to the email address being invalid or the contact already existing in that instance.



And that’s it, your contacts have now been imported into your instance.