What are Consent Messages?


Consent messages are included in The One Question platform as a part of ensuring that it is GDPR compliant. Consent messages ensure that all of your customers’ data is collected, stored and processed according to their needs and wants. Consent messages provide you with the ability to communicate with your customers after collecting their details via a survey.


App and Landing page surveys require to have at least one primary consent message to ask your customers would like to receive further communication, marketing, offers. Any additional consent messages can ask anything – it is completely customisable.


How can I use consent after collecting it?


Not sure how to use your contacts’ consent now that you’ve collected it? Don’t worry, we have some do’s and don’ts that will help you out with knowing how to reach out to your customers to them with further communication and marketing.


Now that you have collected consent you will have a list of contacts that you are sure you are able to communicate with further, and you can do this knowing that you are GDPR compliant using The One Question platform.


We understand that your list of subscribed contacts may have shrunk but as a result of these contacts who have consented who are expecting a response, they are therefore more likely to open and respond to you, resulting in an increase in engagement for your business.


Your subscription consent message would have asked your customers’ if they would like to receive further marketing from your business, therefore you cannot market to someone who hasn’t given consent specifically for marketing. Whereas the customers who have consented to you can, and as a result of them consenting they will be happy to receive future communication in regard to marketing and are happy to respond to.