This article is a step-by-step guide which will show you how to create a landing page link. Once you have set your landing page survey live you can generate a unique web link that will direct people to it. You can encourage customers to complete the survey by providing them with the link itself.


Create a landing page link


To create a link for your landing page survey, head over to your chosen instance and click ‘Settings’ from the navigation panel.



On the left-hand side, click ‘Links’.



This is the main links page. Here you will see the first part of your survey link domain. This will appear on all links that you create.



You can edit the first part of your survey link domain, by clicking on ‘Edit’.



A pop up will then appear.


If you chose to edit your domain name, it will appear on all the links that you create from now on. Also, all links previously created will automatically be updated so they will still be valid. 


Click on the box and type in your new domain name, we recommend using your company name or something that’s instantly recognisable to your customers.



Once you’re happy with your changes click ‘Save’.



To create the link click on ‘Create a link’.



Give your link a logical name, your customers will be able to see this so we recommend that you keep it relevant to your survey.



Select the survey you want to create the link for.



Once you’re happy click ‘Create link’.



Click the icon to the right of the link to copy the link to your clipboard.



That’s how to create a link. You can now generate your QR code, to find out how to click here.