What are Consent Messages?


Consent messages ensure that your contacts’ data is collected, stored and processed lawfully. Collecting the appropriate consent provides you with the ability to communicate with your customers after collecting their details via a survey, with offers and other marketing materials that you state at the point of collecting their consent.


You can ask your contacts to provide consent on an App or Landing page survey. There are two types of consent messages, subscription and additional. A subscription consent message is to be used to ask your contacts’ if they would like to receive offers and marketing from your business. And any additional consent messages you can ask anything – it is completely customisable.


Create a consent message


To create a consent message, click on the ‘Settings’ tab along the top panel.



On the left-hand side, click ‘Consent messages’.



To create a consent message click ‘Add consent message’.



Select what type of consent message you want to add, subscription or additional.



Type your consent message in the box.



Once you have created your message, click ‘Save’.



And that’s it, your consent message is now created.