This article is a step by step guide on how to demote an admin user, this action can only be completed by another admin user. Remember, every account needs at least one admin user as they control the instances and permissions for all users in the account and therefore if you are the only admin user you will not be able to demote yourself.


Demote an Admin user


To demote an admin user, click on the ‘Settings’ button along the top panel.



Here you will see a list of users in your instance.


Find the Admin user you wish to demote and click on the three dots.



From the dropdown click ‘Edit’.



You will see the users profile.


Towards the bottom click the ‘Enabled’ switch.



A pop up will appear to check you want to revoke the user’s admin role.


Click ‘Save changes’.



Once this is done the admin user will be removed from your account.


You can re-add them to the instance at any time by clicking ‘Invite users’.