This article will give you a step by step guide on how to edit your consent messages inside a draft or live survey by editing in the survey wizard. All changes that are made to a consent message will automatically apply to the message across all surveys it appears in. To edit a consent message inside a survey, you need to head over to the surveys page.


Edit a consent message inside a survey


Click on the ‘Surveys’ tab along the top panel.



Find the app or landing page survey you wish to the edit the consent message in and click on the three dots.



A dropdown will appear with a number of options, you will need to click ‘Edit’.



Click on the relevant input type.


Now you are in the survey wizard click on the blue arrow to progress to the email page of the survey.



Here you will see the consent message/s in your survey.


Find the message you wish to edit and click ‘Edit’.



Click on the text box to edit your message.



Once you have made your changes click ‘Save’.



Remember to click ‘Publish’ for your changes to be pushed live to your survey.



Alternatively, you can use the blue arrows to progress to the summary page of the Survey Wizard to click ‘Publish changes’.



And that’s it your consent message is now updated.