This article is a step-by-step guide which will show you how to edit a live app survey, in order to do this you need to be an Admin, Manager or a Supervisor.


You may want to edit a live app survey because your branding has changed or you could change your survey question.


Edit a live app survey


To edit a live app survey, you need to head over to the Surveys page. 


Click on the ‘Surveys’ tab along the top panel.



Find the survey you wish to edit.


On the survey tile, click on the three dots.



A dropdown will appear under the button with a number of options, you will need to click ‘Edit’.



You’ll now see stage 1 of the Survey Wizard.


Select ‘App’.



Now you can edit your Feedback page, Email page and Thank You page.


You can use the blue arrows to move through each stage.



Don’t forget that you can preview your survey at any point by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button in the top right corner.



Simply click, ‘Publish’ to publish your changes to the app at any stage.



Alternatively, work your way through to the summary and click ‘Publish changes’.



Easy as that!


Your changes will now appear on your app survey.