What does export mean?


When you export data, you are pulling it out of the platform and into a CSV file. The data itself won’t be removed from the account, but copied into the exported file.


You can export your data from your One Question account at any time.


Export your data


To export your data, head over to the feedback page from the navigation panel.



Next step is to click ‘Export’.



This pop up will appear. On here, you can build a selection of your data using the filters, then export it all to a CSV file.



Work your way through the filters to customise you selection.


You can filter based on:


  • Survey name
  • Feeling
  • Comment
  • Email
  • Contact name
  • Date
  • Consent messages


You can apply more than one filter per selection. This means that you can easily find specific data that you’d like to export.



When you’re ready, click ‘Export’.



The file will start to download immediately.


Once it’s done, click on the file on the download bar at the bottom of the screen.



Your CSV will now open and you’ll be able to see your exported data!