Every user in your One Question instance will have their own role. Their role determines which features they can access inside their instance if the same user is invited to multiple instances in an account their role can be different in each instance.


When inviting a new user, you can choose from the following roles: Manager, Supervisor and Agent. There is an additional role that a user can be promoted to which is Admin.


Admin users


Admin users have access to every instance and can access all features, and there must be an admin in every account. If you’re an Admin user yourself, you can promote any other user to an Admin role too.


Which features can be accessed by each role?


You can see which features can be accessed by each role below:


View all instances across an account
View own instance(s) 
View users✓ 
Create instances✓ 
Edit instances✓  
Manager users✓ 
View surveys  
Create surveys✓  
Edit surveys ✓   
Manage consent messages ✓   
Send surveys ✓    
Send a survey to more contacts✓    
View survey insights✓    
Import contacts to an instance✓    
View contacts✓    
Edit contacts details✓   
Remove contacts✓   
Subscribe contacts✓  
Unsubscribe contacts
View feedback
View conversations✓   
Start conversations✓   
Reply to conversations✓   
Create and manage standard replies✓   
Export data✓   
Add and manage devices✓