What is feedback?


Feedback is the collection of survey responses from your customers and employees, which lets you know how they felt about the product or service or their employment. This feedback provides you with your Customer Happiness Score® and Employee Happiness Score®, as well as valuable insights into customer and employee happiness and loyalty.


The Feedback page displays all feedback from every survey you’ve sent out in an instance, all in one place.


View all feedback


To view all of your feedback, click on the feedback tab on the navigation panel.



This takes you to the feedback main page.



Responses are displayed by rows, for each response you can see the feeling and comments of the contact, their details, the survey they have responded to, the time and date they responded, and the status of conversation.



At the top of the page, there are filters you can apply to refine your search.


From left to right, you can filter your feedback by:


  • Feedback – Read or Unread
  • Response – With comment or Without comment
  • Feeling
  • Survey
  • Date
  • More – Share method, Contacts, Contact status, Consent messages or Conversation
  • Sort all – Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest



On the far right-hand side of the feedback, there are three action dots. Click on these to see the available options.


From here, you can start a conversation, mark the feedback as read (or unread) and view the contacts profile.



On the feedback page, you can also view feedback that relates to an individual contact by using the search bar.



That’s a quick overview of your Feedback page!


Find more out about managing your feedback here.