Filtering Conversations


You can filter your conversations by various means. This makes keeping track of ongoing exchanges and evaluating closed conversations fast and efficient. Filtering conversations allows you to prioritise exactly which conversations you want to view.


Firstly, you can choose whether you wish to see open or closed conversations. Open conversations are those still ongoing, and closed being those that have been resolved.



You can also select whether you want to view read or unread conversations. By filtering this makes it easier to find any conversations you have not read yet.



You can also filter by the following –


  • Feeling – for example, if you wanted to just view any ‘Unhappy’ conversations.
  • With comments or without comments.
  • Survey – this will show any conversations that relate to the chosen survey.
  • Survey method – App, Email or Landing page.
  • Contact you can search for a certain contact.
  • Date – you can choose one specific day or a whole week or month.


See below –



The ‘Search’ bar is another handy feature. You can enter any word or phrase that you wish to search by, and this will bring up any relevant conversations.



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