This article is a step-by-step guide which will show you how to invite new users to an instance, inviting users to your instance will allow you to share feedback with your employees and also help to manage the data. Only Admin and Managers are able to invite users to an instance. However, a Manager user will only be able to manage users in the instances they are assigned as Manager in.


Invite new users to an Instance


To invite a new user to your chosen instance click ‘Settings’ from the navigation panel.



This will take you to the ‘Users’ page.


Click ‘Invite users’.



You’ll now see a pop up with 4 fields; Email address, First name, Last name and Role.


Type in the user’s email address, first name and last name.



Now, you need to select a role. You have three options here: Manager, Supervisor or Agent. You can find out which features can be accessed by which users role here, but the basic differences are:


  • A Manager can access everything within their own instance, including surveys, feedback and conversations. They can invite or remove users in instances, they can only access other instances that they are a user of.


  • A Supervisor can create and send surveys, view feedback and participate in conversations. They cannot invite, view, edit or remove other users from an instance. Like Managers, they are only able to access the instance that they are a user of.


  • An Agent is a role with the least permissions, they can view and reply to feedback, but they cannot create or send surveys. They cannot invite, view, edit or remove other users and can only access the instances that they are a user of.


Users are created per instance, so if you wish to add a new Admin user, you must add them as a regular user first. Once they’ve accepted your invitation, head over to their profile and promote them to an Admin.



Once you have selected a role for your new user, click ‘Invite user’.


If you wish to add more than one user to an Instance at one time this can be done by clicking ‘Invite another’.



The invitation has been sent!


The new user will receive an email inviting them to your instance.


The invitation will show as pending on your Users page until the invitation has been accepted.



If you wish to invite the same user to other instances in your One Question account you can do this the same way as explained in this article.