Customer Retention Software

Stop losing customers.

Identify unhappy customers immediately, so you can resolve issues, mend relationships and make improvements to increase customer retention.

Employee Feedback Survey

Customer churn is costing businesses.

With the escalating cost of customer acquisition, businesses live or die based on their ability to keep customers coming back.

If a business doesn't know how their customers feel about their experience with them, then that customer could be lost forever. Even worse, they wouldn't even know what went wrong to fix it!

Employee Feedback Tool

Happy customers are loyal customers.

To earn a customer's loyalty you need to first work out how they feel. Happy customers buy from you again. Unhappy ones won't. Simple.

Understanding customers' feelings gives you the power to act. Resolve little issues before they become big problems, build positive relationships and earn another chance at delivering happiness to that customer. All from within one platform.

So how does it work?

Ask your customers
how they feel

Discover why they feel the
way they do

Resolve issues before it's
too late

Strengthen your
customer relationships

Track your Customer

Use our Customer Happiness surveys to discover how people feel in one click of an emoji.

Employee Happiness Score Background

Measure Customer Happiness
in real time.

Employee Happiness Score

Customer Happiness Score®

Introducing the revolutionary new measurement that helps you keep score in business.

Calculated using your feedback, the Customer Happiness Score helps you measure your business performance so you can set goals for your team and track your improvement over time.

By gamifying happiness and giving your entire team a single goal to get behind. Your customer experiences will improve, making your customers happier and even more loyal.

Why choose The One Question?

It’s quick

The platform just asks your customers how they feel because it’s the most important thing that matters to your business.

It’s easy

Tested over 5 years to get the highest possible response rate, 5 emoji faces will get you 20x more feedback than some long-form surveys.

It’s insightful

Once you know how your customers feel, a simple “tell us more” free text box tells you the all-important reasons why they feel that way.

It’s relational

Turn feedback into conversations by responding to your customers to build relationships, increase happiness and earn loyalty.

Reach everyone, everywhere

Use email surveys to actively collect customer feedback from your existing database.

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Stop losing customers. Start measuring happiness.

Start using The One Question today and within weeks you will have:


Less customer

More business


Less customer

More business