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What is The One Question?

Discover The One Question that matters most in business. By understanding this question, and how to answer it, you will unlock your business' potential.

9 Minute Read

Customer Satisfaction vs Customer Happiness - What is the difference?

Customer satisfaction is no longer enough for your customers. Find out why you need to make your customers happy instead, and how it can grow your business

4 Minute Read

What is the Customer Happiness Score and why should you be measuring it?

Discover why the Customer Happiness Score is the key to unlocking business growth. This simple score between 0-100 will be a game-changer for your business

8 Minute Read

NPS vs CHS: Which is right for my business?

NPS is used by lots of businesses to measure customer loyalty. But how does it compare to CHS, the world's only measure of customer happiness in real-time?

11 Minute Read

5 reasons you NEED to collect customer feedback

Customer feedback shouldn’t be just another job, businesses NEED to collect it. Find out why putting it at the heart of your business is crucial to grow.

2 Minute Read

7 reasons why customer feedback is completely broken

Customer feedback as we know it is dead. Discover the problems that have caused your response rates to be at an all-time low... and how you can fix them!

4 Minute Read

The customer feedback strategy that will grow your business

Using an effective feedback strategy can help gain new customers, and make sure exsisting ones come back. Follow these 5 steps to help you develop yours.

4 Minute Read

Customer Experience Trends You Need To Know About In 2020

With 2020 just around the corner, be sure to check out these Customer Experience trends you need to know about for the coming year.

5 Minute Read

The best hotel marketing strategy you can implement

Marketing is changing fast, can your hotel keep up? Find out the best marketing strategies today and make sure your hotel isnt falling behind.

4 Minute Read

Managing negative TripAdvisor reviews in your hotel

No one likes seeing negative reviews on their business, but dealing with those effectively can reflect well on you. Find out how in this short blog post.

2 Minute Read