What you need to know about new changes to TripAdvisor

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March 28, 2019

 What are the changes to TripAdvisor and why do they matter?

The travel world is buzzing with speculation about TripAdvisor. The review giant announced at the end of last year that a massive change was coming to the platform in the form of a brand new travel feed. The new feed allows users to keep track of their friends’ experiences and recommendations. The change also brings a social wall on the right hand side which allows you to follow companies of interest.

Why it’s more important to get as many positive reviews as possible

If you think that sounds a bit like Facebook, then you’d be right as the travel feed shows users’ recommendations from their connections and pages that they follow.

This is extremely important for you business owners out there who want to maintain a healthy online reputation. It is more important than ever to gain as many positive reviews as possible. The changes to TripAdvisor brings back the true ‘word of mouth’ element in online reviews. Word-of-mouth is not new. People have always talked about their experiences and emotions. However, with the latest updates it’s even more prominent online than ever before.

A greater range of content on feeds and what it means for your business

Changes to TripAdvisor

When you look at the changes to TripAdvisor, you’ll see that feeds are now filled with a much larger range of content including videos, photographs, raves, rants, reviews and even information about places that travellers are planning to go to, or have been to before. What does this mean for your business?

First off, you’d better up your game as there are new ways that customers can potentially discredit your business on TripAdvisor.

When you search for a location and instead of simply seeing lists of accommodation providers, restaurants and activities, you’ll see posts from people or even friends who have been there, done that and shared their thoughts and photographs.

For every person that leaves a review for your business, their friends and followers will now see that review. It’s no longer just anonymous feedback, it is now relationship feedback which is a game changer.

Emotionally invested feedback from people you care about and respect can be great but could also spell trouble for businesses who under perform. Imagine you see a bad review for a restaurant you are planning to visit from an anonymous user, means nothing right? Now imagine if the review was left by a close friend or family member, you are more likely to take the feedback on board if it’s from someone you are emotionally invested in. This is what we call ‘social currency’. Social Currency is a concept in marketing that refers to the pull or influence that a consumer has among his or her peers. Social currency is now more valuable than ever before with the recent changes to the platform.

TripAdvisor has also recently announced that it is changing how it displays accommodation options to travellers in destination search results. This change also brings yet another algorithm change which will help to measure the consistency of business performance over time.

If you have a business on TripAdvisor we urge you to keep an eye on these changes and ensure that your rankings and reviews remain consistent and strong.

 Will the new changes to TripAdvisor actually work?

Since the announcement, there’s been a lot of discussion around TripAdvisor trying to become the new Facebook and whether their plans for social interaction and features will be successful.

Whether TripAdvisor is becoming more Facebook-like, and whether that is a model that will work well for them or not, the simple fact is that the user experience will be enhanced. The addition of a travel feed is one that can only improve listings, rather than taking from them, and empower more businesses to join the platform.

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